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Does the texture or condition of your hair need some attention? Has the merry-go-round of hair damaging straightening compromised its integrity? Is it time to embrace your natural texture? Perhaps. Some clients just really need a great cut and style specific to their own hair. Let's frankly address its general condition, texture, porosity, density, elasticity and health, and what you want to achieve from it.

Maybe you've just never had the right cut, the best hair products, and the correct regimen for your hair. Perhaps, IT IS POSSIBLE TO STOP DAMAGING YOUR HAIR WITH BLOW DRYERS AND FLAT IRONS, and let a more naturally styled YOU shine through. Sometimes all "unruly" hair needs is a conditioning treatment, scalp Rx, or glaze, a new style, and a pro mini-lesson in styling your hair so that you can end the cycle of damaged hair, and lay that flat iron down forever ( or for now).

The blow-dry bars not only damaged salon culture, but they also confused people regarding scalp and hair hygiene. Maybe you need a lesson in caring for your scalp and hair better, with a personal assessment and recommendations.

My hair color services include all facets of modern and traditional hair coloring techniques. Highlighting, balayage, glazes, glosses, permanent and semi-permanent colors, and 10 minute hair color for men or short hair are very popular. I excel in corrective color.


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